Sublimation Full Color Detail Performance Wear Shirts

Welcome to a world made for:

Artwork & Photography
Athletic endeavors outdoors or in the gym
Companies & Employees
Teams members & Coaches

Full Color, High Detail, soft Breathable print on quality Performance Wear.
100% polyester.  Sublimation print the inks actually 'dye' right into the fabric in a permanent 'no feel' bond. 


  1. White Shirts (minimum order is 1) give absolute Full Color prints. 
  2.  Light color shirts  (minimum order is 1)  for Full Color minus the white areas as Sublimation has no white ink. This is where the light color of the shirt gently come thru. 
  3. Medium Color Shirts  (minimum order is 1) are for Black Ink Only. Perfect for black Logos, Graphic, Names, Numbers, etc.s  Red works very well for this.
  4. Dark to Black Color Shirts -(minimum order is 4) using DTG printing.
    This process gives Full Color as it has White Ink, perfect for Black Shirts! DTG uses white ink so it can be on dark shirts, it has a medium heavy 'feel' to it. The print is a layer of ink on top of the fibers of the shirt. DTG is not a 'breathable' print.


Certain shirt materials work better than others. There are so many choices we are always learning. I will help guide you when you choose your Items.

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Jerzees 21M - White, Grey, & Safety Green/Yellow 5.3oz  (feels like lightweight cotton)

UltraClub 8420  - Yellow, Lime, Jade, Sapphire Blue, Orange (shiny feel)Vapor Apparel - White  5.9oz  (feels like cotton)

Sublivie Ladies V-Neck -  White  4.0oz  (feels like lightweight cotton)

A4 Heather  V-Neck - Athletic Heather Grey, Scarlet, Light Blue (shiny feel)

Bella or Vapor Ladies V -Neck -  Pink   (shiny feel)

What else? 
Silk Screening for Volume orders

Patches for Button Up Shirts

Large Volume Needs? I've got you covered- Silk Screening: